Making Your Business Ideas More Likely to Succeed

How? – Be specific about the problem it solves

SPECIFICadjective – clearly defined or identified.

So, you clearly define the business problem. But it’s OK to start with clearly defining your solution if that is how you are thinking about it.

This makes it easy to explain it and easy to understand it.

A good rule of thumb at this point:

If it’s not stupidly easy to know who your target customer could be, then you need to make your idea MORE specific.

Take out any AND or OR or WITH statements from your idea.


“An app for people with kids and dogs who feel stressed out and need a break”


“An app for parents looking for kid-free hangout opportunities”

Being specific makes it easier for people to understand what you do and give you referrals.


Example: This post title. 

Making the subject of this post specific was hard for me. I rewrote it more times than I could count. Well, that’s not true. It was about 10.

The first time was short, it was just “Be Specific”.

But that didn’t seem very specific at all.

So then I tried, “Make Your Ideas Specific”.

But then I said to myself “Ideas about what?”

It forced me to become very clear on what this article is about. I figured what most people would be looking for is advice about business ideas.

After I wrote all about specifics, I realized the point was being specific about the problem, but the problem the user was trying to solve was making their business ideas more likely to succeed. So that was the final rewrite.

Now, if you didn’t make your idea a “Problem statement”, do that now.

So our early idea goes from (Idea/Solution): 

“An app for parents looking for kid-free hangout opportunities”

To: (Reframed as a problem)

“Parents of small children are starved for time with people who share their interests.”

See what we did there? 

That’s all we got for today. Remember, make your ideas specific enough for you to be able to find people to test it with. In our case above, we are looking for parents with small children. If you can’t think of people, your idea sucks.