Honor your moods


When your moods go south, then go south with them.

Don’t try to change them. That doesn’t help.

Also, don’t treat them as bad things. Treat them as natural things.

One of the core skills of an entrepreneur is listening to your instincts.  

Your moods, emotions, feelings, fears, and self-doubt all inform your instincts.

An example is a time that I woke up in a horrible mood.

I mean it was like I was grumpy from the jump. I didn’t want to go anywhere. I was mad putting my clothes on. Mad putting my shoes on. Probably slammed my door for good measure.

I could not for the life of me shake it.

I was about a year and a half into being an entrepreneur and something vague was bothering me about my business.

If I would have just ignored it, or tried to “positive think” it away, I don’t think I would have come to the realization that I did.  

What happened over the next few days transformed my business.

The bad mood started to turn into signals.

I started seeing things about the business that were making me grumpy. For instance, why was I spending so much time helping people who weren’t my customers? I was running all over town doing proposals and engineering assessments for people that had never paid me a dime. This was my mobile app business.

The result? 

Because of my bad mood that wouldn’t go away, I finally came to the realization that I needed to charge for it. And I was grumpy because I was so worried they wouldn’t pay and I would lose my credibility and my business.

But I listened to my core and I created the App Strategy we use today to help people create apps.

We started charging people good money to take our time to take them through a process designed to figure out if their app ideas were any good.

And suddenly we were making money. And guess what? I wasn’t so grumpy! 

So as an entrepreneur, please pay attention to your moods and your anxieties.

They are trying to tell you something. Honor them. Roll with them. Go about your day, but don’t try to shove them in a box.

Let them change your behavior. Let them force you to stand up for yourself. Let them push you to make more sales calls so you don’t GOOB (go out of business).

But whatever you do, don’t ignore them and don’t let them stop you from acting (that’s depression).



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