The Secret to Being Your Own Boss…

Practice makes perfect.


Sorry, I know it’s cliché!

But most people think skills like typing and dancing are the only things that take time to learn. But the truth is, sales, entrepreneurship, running a business, working for yourself, are all skills that are learned as you just do them.

Please watch the following two videos and notice that in both cases they just STARTED and stuck with it and after a year or so, they were awesome. This is exactly what will happen to you if you just start doing what you want to do and do it every day.

Please note also that they suck in the beginning. You will have the same experience with being your own boss!

Honor your moods


When your moods go south, then go south with them.

Don’t try to change them. That doesn’t help.

Also, don’t treat them as bad things. Treat them as natural things.

One of the core skills of an entrepreneur is listening to your instincts.  

Your moods, emotions, feelings, fears, and self-doubt all inform your instincts.

An example is a time that I woke up in a horrible mood.

I mean it was like I was grumpy from the jump. I didn’t want to go anywhere. I was mad putting my clothes on. Mad putting my shoes on. Probably slammed my door for good measure.

I could not for the life of me shake it.

I was about a year and a half into being an entrepreneur and something vague was bothering me about my business.

If I would have just ignored it, or tried to “positive think” it away, I don’t think I would have come to the realization that I did.  

What happened over the next few days transformed my business.

The bad mood started to turn into signals.

I started seeing things about the business that were making me grumpy. For instance, why was I spending so much time helping people who weren’t my customers? I was running all over town doing proposals and engineering assessments for people that had never paid me a dime. This was my mobile app business.

The result? 

Because of my bad mood that wouldn’t go away, I finally came to the realization that I needed to charge for it. And I was grumpy because I was so worried they wouldn’t pay and I would lose my credibility and my business.

But I listened to my core and I created the App Strategy we use today to help people create apps.

We started charging people good money to take our time to take them through a process designed to figure out if their app ideas were any good.

And suddenly we were making money. And guess what? I wasn’t so grumpy! 

So as an entrepreneur, please pay attention to your moods and your anxieties.

They are trying to tell you something. Honor them. Roll with them. Go about your day, but don’t try to shove them in a box.

Let them change your behavior. Let them force you to stand up for yourself. Let them push you to make more sales calls so you don’t GOOB (go out of business).

But whatever you do, don’t ignore them and don’t let them stop you from acting (that’s depression).



You’re not alone


Your greatest asset as you build your business is your network. 

What’s a network?

All the people you know.

You do know people right?

If you don’t know any people, that’s fine, they are everywhere!

Do you realize there are 7 billion people in the world? Which means if you tried to talk to all of them for 5 minutes a piece, it would take you roughly 35 billion minutes, which is about 66,000 years.

There are so many people out there that you literally would only get to about .7 percent of them before you died. 

And that assumes you could literally line them up one after another for 5 minutes in a row and never sleep. 

And they all have a story, and they all want to talk, and they can ALL help you. Why? Because they all know someone. And that someone could be the one you really need to grow your business.

It doesn’t really matter where you start, just pick one and start talking. Then here is the rule:

  1. They talk MORE than you do, even if the topic is YOU. 
  2. You ask THEM about what THEY are working on immediately after they ask you.
  3. Ask them what their challenges are.
  4. Ask them who they are looking to meet.
  5. Ask them how you can help.
  6. Think to yourself “How can I help this person?”
  7. Then, when you feel like telling them something you’re going to do for them, STOP.
    1. Instead of telling them what you’re doing to do, how about just doing it?
    2. Just a thought.
    3. And what should you do for them?
      1. Send them leads.
      2. Introduce them to the people they want to meet.
      3. Remember them and say hey to them next time you see them.

What if the other person talks the whole time and doesn’t ask you about your business or your idea?

THAT’S OK! Believe it or not, they will still think your idea is great. Do you know why? Because they’ll think YOU’RE GREAT. And why is that?

Because you listened to them. And people rarely do that these days.

Note: If you’re thinking “I’m starting an online business, so I don’t have to talk to anyone”, just remember that online businesses are built offline.

Collect the Dots

You can’t connect the dots of your idea until you collect them. 

Collect the dots, so you can 

Connect the dots. 

This means, for the smart people, to get out and do stuff and get input before going to town on connecting the dots of your idea. 

The #1 Factor of Success is…

The #1 factor of your success is whether you see success as in your control or someone else’s.

You won’t believe me when you first read this.

You may not believe me when you second read this.

But this is the most frustrating thing when dealing with first time entrepreneurs because none of you think it’s true.

If I ask you, as a first timer, what is holding you back from your idea getting finished? You’re gonna say:

  1. Well I have no idea who to talk to.
  2. Well, I have no money to pay for help. 
  3. Well, my website sucks, so see #2.
  4. Time Etc…

The truth is, all of these reasons take your power away. 

You have all the power, if you just realize that there is literally nothing stopping you.

All you need is:

  1. Someone to talk to about it.
  2. Some vague idea of what it is and the commitment you need from them.

Then ask!

You can start a business and get traction on it right away by talking to someone and asking them if they want it.

Is it easy? Hell no.

What is easy anyway these days? I can’t even think about going somewhere without sitting in traffic.

I’ll write more on this later because it’s a loaded topic. But let this marinate for now. Feel free to send me all the reasons you think I’m wrong.

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